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Why? Because your bait sinks into the slurry layer with the movement of the water and the weight of the string, the fish will not see the bait when it comes, how can it have a mouth. As we all know, whether it is a pit or a river reservoir, there will be mud and slurry layers at the bottom of the water.

The females have seeds and the males are white, and all are fat. Why on earth? Based on my years of experience in spring fishing for carp, I think that one is unable to squat, and the other is that there is a problem with traditional drift fishing. These are the natural enemies of our anglers. In March, the turquoise fish is close to the river beach.

Don't lift the pole when it's dark, so as not to affect your emotions by running fish. Through many years of carp fishing experience, my experience is that there is a problem with fishing suppliers adjusting fishing. In addition, with traditional vertical floats, I must use bait to level the water, catch two or three squares. Lift the rod and heavy the fish, this fish is called fish into the pot, it is the delicacy on your table.

My first choice for carp fishing is Drift.The time for carp fishing in spring is about to come. But some mermaids get rich, but some people come back empty-handed. It is also very violent to eat. Being unable to squat is a self-control problem, so I won't talk about it here. Remember, don’t pull it. Now let’s talk about the problem of fishing. The materials are easy to find, and it saves money

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The drifting distance is short, the water is relatively shallow, and the impact of wind and waves is less than that of outdoor waters. If the speed of the fish is not very slow, the small drift will sacrifice too much fishing efficiency, which is very uneconomical. Competitive competitions will be prepared very carefully, but wild fishing is not necessary. Experienced fishing friends are confused.

The sub-threads can also be of two thicknesses (such as 0.8, 1. However, when large fish are often encountered in deep waters, sometimes when long strands are needed, you can add a small bite hook 5 or 6 cm above the lower hook, and then adjust the fishing normally, even if the weight is only 2, 3 meshes. If you are fishing for big crucian carp, because the bait is slightly larger and heavier, the adjustment eye should be increased by about 2 to 3 meshes, and the difference between the adjustment and fishing purpose should be increased by 2 to 3 meshes accordingly to bear the weight of the bait.

Similarly, in small ponds and small rivers in wild fishing, long strands can be used if the weather is calm and there are few trash fish. It takes a lot of time to re-adjust the float if it is changed in the middle. Six, float and adjust fishing. fishing tackle bulk wholesale In the early spring, because the bait is light, the adjustment of the float must revolve around the inflexibility of the adjustment (for example, the adjustment of 3 and 3), and the change of inactivity is basically within the range of 2 meshes on the upper and lower sides of the adjustment. When the weather is cold, catch the spirit spot; if the fish is not active in the morning, catch the spirit spot, and

at noon if the fish is active, catch the blunt spot. Some may prepare 0. Directly selecting a suitable float before fishing is one of the basic skills of fishing skills. If you use a long rod, if it is difficult to cast the rod, you have to use a larger float. Strand length This is the most divergent issue. However, long-distance fishing, deep-water fishing, and when the wind and waves are strong, sensitivity becomes the main contradiction, and short strands must be used.

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After arriving at the fishing field, choose a flat place as a fishing position, and hook the earthworms. Pull out the main line of the sea pole from the outlet loop, put on the lead sinker, and then use the connecting loop to connect to the brain line. The earthworms should not be too thick or too long, and the hook tips must be slightly exposed.The diameter of the brain line and the size of the hook type are determined according to the individual size of the crucian carp on the fishing ground and the personal crucian fishing habits.

The length of the brain line is 30-50 cm. In early spring, the temperature and water temperature are relatively cold, fish activity and feeding are weak, small trash fish are relatively less troublesome, we can boldly use bait, meat bait, vegetable bait, fishy bait, fragrant bait, fishy bait, live Both bait and commercial bait can selectively exert their maximum effect. It can also be said that the minimum temperature of the air temperature is less than 10 degrees, and the maximum temperature is around 15 degrees.

Anyone who gets the bait is a general rampage—crab, but Commodity bait is different. other fishing products Suppliers Trash fish, but crucian carp does not bite hooks. I am from Jiyuan City, Henan Province. The harvest is not a problem, and all the big crucian carp are caught. To put it bluntly, these different bait requirements are caused by the changeable water temperature and temperature in spring and the living habits of various fish.Early spring, I mean the period from the beginning of spring to the startling sting. Depending on whether your bait is fishy or fragrant or sweet, you can use carp, crucian, horse mouth and other fish respectively. Our bait strategy should change accordingly.

Geographical restrictions are also in the Central Plains, and the Yellow River Basin can also be used as a reference. 'Similar to different fish in different waters', this is an experience I have explored and summed up in recent years. Of course, I classified, summarized, and analyzed the waters of Jiyuan City. Most of them are crucian carp.

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Instead, they have deep slopes in the middle and shallow shores. A few days before February 6, it was fine, there were a few suns, the water was warm, and the bottom temperature in the shallow water area was slightly higher. The lower the temperature, the closer the fish is to the depths, the higher the temperature, and the slower they move towards the shore. It is not difficult to find where the fish was hiding at that time.

Need to be careful to find new plants. In spring, the climate is changeable, and it is cold and warm, and it is still cold when it is warm. Spring fishing, shallow water. Clear water in shallow water is the most obvious sign. On the contrary, after cooling down, it is not suitable to fish shallow. Hooking on the edge of the grass and under the grass hole,fishing swivel snaps the two caught 78 crucian carp weighing winter passes and spring comes, everything is revived, and the spring river plumbing fish is the prophet.

The color of the water has also changed and is no longer turbid. Fish have a habit of liking low light. The temperature difference at night has a huge impact The temperature was high the night before, and the temperature was low the next morning. The tail of the weir was originally a large field with a water depth of about 60 centimeters. The author has some experience and lessons, and I can share with you. At the waist of the weir, the water depth was about 1. The fish swam to the shallow water area, swimming actively and actively foraging, so that the original clear water became It's muddy.

In this cooling process, the temperature of the bottom water in the shallow water area drops more, while the temperature of the bottom water in the deep water area drops less, so that the bottom water temperature in the deep water area appears slightly higher. On February 1st, I went to the end of the weir and saw a little muddy water.

In the same season, when the weather changes on certain days, it becomes warmer or colder, and the fish will move forward or backward. They hide in deep places and do not swim in shallow waters

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At this time, fishing is bound to be twice the result. It is already spring when everything is revived. Spring fishing. However, if the temperature rises greatly, or the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 15 degrees, fish will be difficult to catch. At this time, it is difficult to catch fish in the middle and lower layers of the water. If you use a rubbing bait, Drift Seats Manufacturers it should be soft, palatable, bright in color, and the bait should not be too large.

According to years of fishing experience, fishing in the Central Plains in the weather with a westerly wind greater than level 3 is likely to be empty. Even if fishy bait is not used, the smell of medicated rice is stronger than that used in summer and autumn, because the water temperature in spring is still low and the smell of bait is underwater The diffusion rate is slower. A southeast or northeast wind below level 3 is the best time to go fishing. The nest bait I usually use when fishing crucian carp in spring is fried bran with mutton oil, shrimp powder and millet. The so-called multi-latch fishing means that after arriving at the fishing ground, walk along the shore to observe and select the nests. The third is to pay attention to the warmth and coldness of the rain.

I use a hand pole, I usually use a 4. Not bad. 2 Iseni black bar hook; generally use shorter hand rods when fixed-point fishing, and use longer hand rods when fishing in multiple nests; and often use short rods for fishing and long rods for nesting The method is very convenient. There are often many factors to consider how to choose a good fishing spot. Therefore, in the late spring, it is the key to choose the beach to find grass during the season when the rape blossoms bloom.

As long as it is non-human factors, you should choose mixed water beaches instead of clear water beaches; choose water grass beaches instead of light beaches; choose thin grass beaches instead of dense grass beaches; choose the sunny side of the water where stalk plants grow; choose the channels in the water plants , Small pieces of bright water in the aquatic plants are good fishing spots. I think this is the basis of spring fishing bait. 3 Iseni hook.

The cold currents cause more wind and rain, and are accompanied by cold currents. In this case, although you can take the floating fishing method of delivering bait to the mouth, the fishing process is not pleasant and it is difficult to have a good harvest. If you are fishing on a windy day, it is best not to choose a westerly weather. Spring is less rainy and windy

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Sometimes you need to wait for a while and make a tease. Out of it. Add a small amount of fragrant bait around you, add a small amount of snowflakes and drawing powder, conditionally add a little fish appetizer, the state will be fluffy, soft and flexible, and it will shine in the sun, which can smoothly pull out the broad bean dumplings.8 or the same size sleeve. The adjustment must be precise, and several re-adjustment confirmations must be made during the fishing process.

You still need an 8-point rod. The carp's favorite water temperature is between 20°C and 28°C. The choice of bait Try to use finer powder bait for the nest. Matters needing attention For carp fishing in spring, it is generally best to choose between 10 am and 5 pm, because the carp likes the sun and hates the cold.8 meters high. The water temperature is higher than 10°C and starts to eat. It is timid, alert, and vigilant. It takes an average of 3 minutes per rod. The carp is very cunning.

If beginners can appropriately increase the proportion of wire drawing powder. The atomization of the bait is lighter than the weight. 'It's hot, fish eat', almost swallowing bait. This situation occurs mainly because the water temperature is still relatively low. The water temperature is higher than 10°C and starts to eat. The carp loves to dig into the mud for food, which produces uniform and dense bubbles. In the natural environment, Wholesale Fishing Lure Ring it is in deep water in the morning and evening, and in shallow water at noon. It is enough to keep a certain frequency of throwing while fishing.

When the carp is released in the early spring, the pond water is still very cold, and the fish is very weak in terms of activity and opening range. The bait should not be overly soft or squeezed vigorously. A few simple taps are enough to form a group. When it is lower than 5°C, it basically stops eating. The method of pulling bait can be obtained from the lectures in the station or the master video. Hand food bait can use a simple combination of fishy bait and drawing powder. The number should correspond to the water depth and pole length. It is very cautious in its actions and eating and does not bite easily.

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